Acquire and engage users of your app

Smart wireless chargers – more than just an amenity!

Smart wireless chargers built into furniture are waterproof and vandalproof, so it’s perfect solution for foodcourts and common areas. No more searching for sockets, no more cables!

Provide your venue with convenient charging spots to connect with your guests! Smart wireless chargers will acquire new users for your app.

Whrila reduces cost of user acquisition by providing access to fast wireless charging. Full speed is enabled when user launches your app.

Shopping Malls

Your mobile app connected with smart wireless chargers create new communication channel. Let your clients know about new products and services during charging.

Restaurants and cafes

Take the customer service to the next level! With Whirla, your customers will be able to order food via your app while sitting at the table. Smart wireless chargers will provide the system with the information where to bring each meal.


Smart wireless chargers will promote the offer of your hotel and increase the customer satisfaction. Improve the standard of your hotel, and make your guests even happier!


Smart Wireless Chargers

Chargers that can communicate with smartphones. Provide them in your venue and gain the loyalty of your customers.

Whirla API

Code that is enables the communication between the sensors and the cloud. Simply integrate it into your app.

Admin Panel

Dashboard where marketing manager can monitor the utilization of the chargers. Learn more about the behaviors and preferences of your customers.

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