Hotdesk booking and occupancy monitoring system

Improve the efficiency of your office spaces with Whirla hotdesk booking system

Let your employees check hotdesk availability and book workstations through the mobile application. Office managers will get access to data analytics dashboard to monitor the usage of the office space.

Whirla Smart Office solution supports using and managing hotdesk spaces.

Presence sensors installed underneath the tabletops communicate with the users' smartphones.

Whirla software allows for real-time monitoring of desk occupancy.

Availability preview and booking

Book a desk from anywhere in the world. Easily accessible occupancy information and desk booking via mobile app.


Automatic check-in

Just place your phone near the sensor to confirm your reservation. If the desk is booked by some else, you will get a notification.

Managing and analytics

No more time-consuming audits. Track the office occupancy levels and optimize your spaces with our advanced data analytics.


Smart wireless sensors

Whirla API

Smart sensors that  communicate with smartphones. Turn your desks into IoT gateways by installing Whirla sensors in the tabletops.

Code that is enables the communication between the sensors and the cloud. You can integrate it into your app.

Admin Panel

Dashboard where office managers can monitor the utilization of the hotdesk areas to optimize the office spaces.


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